Victoria Hutson Huntley

Victoria Hutson Huntley


Victoria pursued her passion to become an artist in what could be called, " the best of times and the worst of times." She followed her dreams to be an artist while America battled in World War I, followed by the Great Depression and later World War II. Her ability not only to survive but excel in art while going through some of the most challenging times a young artist could face showed her deep desire and determination.

Skilled in oils, pencil, pastels, etchings and more, Victoria is best known for her award winning lithographs printed from stone.

Taught by some of the most skilled artists in America, Victoria became respected for her printmaking and artistic skills in a male dominated field where she overcame obstacles and prejudices that had haunted women artists for centuries. Our own government contributed to these unjust prejudices. During the Great Depression Victoria was required to leave the Federal Arts Project, a government funded program that paid artists to produce artwork, because she got married. Most government programs were only available to the head of household.

Victoria’s journey into stone lithography was received with instant success and she was soon competing against the best printmakers in America and abroad........and winning!!!. Her subjects knew no boundaries and her " Cityscapes " scenes that portrayed tall skyscrapers and factories along with her Everglades series are still popular today.

Victoria's nomination to be an Associate Member of the National Academy of Design along with many awards solidifies her rightful place alongside the other great 20th century artists and printmakers.

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